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The traditional attire of Indian males is Dhoti. Depending on the state or territory, the styles and attitudes of traditional dhoti wearers alter. The presence of dhotis can be commonly felt in different positions and proceedings.

Dhoti is a term derived from the word Dhauta in Sanskrit. It was also characterized by many leading Indian politicians across the Indian subcontinent as the conventional wear. The dhoti was also known as an outfit that commanded respect and integrity.

At Sriram Textiles we showcase a wide variety of Dhotis online (Veshtis) for our global clients. Every single product available at us is the testimony of our excellence in clothing and commitment to provide our esteemed buyers only the best. Find here our extensive range of Dhotis online made with finest fabric and available at the most affordable rates:

Design Styles

Buy traditional dhoti online that is primarily offered in white and cream colors. Cotton is the material for this fabric. It is often rendered using a gold border in most regions of the south. For the most part, 5 yard-long cloth strips are used to make dhotis. To wrap the dhoti, approximately five knots are used. The wearing style varies in every country.


Want to buy dhoti online in India? We are the finest place.  We have a wide variety of dhotis and you can buy any type of dhotis with ease. The world of Dhoti has gone through a lot of creativity. Several western improvisations have provided dhoti a completely different style, known as dhoti pants, which have the form of dhoti mixed with western pants,

We are the largest dhoti manufacturers in India. Dhoti was once considered a traditional dress in different circles of society. This is a lovely innovation that both men and women wear. Just select the one and buy the best dhoti for yourself from our online store.

The Occasion

Are you looking to buy traditional Dhoti in India, then contact us. We have the best Dhotis at a pocket-friendly cost. Dhotis are usually worn during a festival or a marriage ceremony. In most South Indian marriages, dhoti is an important part of men’s wear, in particular. This is worn by almost every politician as their official wear.


For almost all seasons, Dhoti is suited. The reasoning is that Dhoti is accessible in both silk and cotton textiles. In traditional customs and weddings, the silk versions are adopted, while the cotton ones are worn as everyday wear. Buy traditional dhoti from us will make you look unique, as our dhotis are good in quality.

Global Clout

Sriram Textiles also provides Global cut dhotis. In many aspects, it has influenced global society. People around the world wear dhoti in the form of pants and have made it a declaration of modern style. At our online store, you can browse or buy a wide variety of dhoti. Buy online for the latest dhoti design or material you are looking for on a special occasion.

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